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You Are Not Alone

Stop the harassment. Take control.

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Who does Stop Harassing Me Now Help?

Domestic Violence!

We help victims by recording calls from their abusers, and storing this in our secure cloud for when you need them.

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Credit Collectors

Credit collectors must follow many rules to avoid fines paid to you, our network of attorneys know how to help.

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Telemarketers that call you when on the registry or when you warn them not to call are subject to fines paid to you even if you don't answer the phone.

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Do you need to record business calls, SMS, or in-person interactions for later review?

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Parents can install the app on their child's cell phones to record SMS conversations and phone calls by abusive kids.

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Divorce & Custody

No more arguments in court over who said what, now come armed with the facts.

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Other uses

From harassing phone calls to text messages to in person conversations with the voice recorder or camera can be streamed to our secure cloud. Maybe you just want to record business calls for later note taking or to be secure if anyone accuses you of professional misconduct.

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We Protect You

Words can be just as painful, and often ARE MORE POWERFUL than a physical assault.
We help you collect evidence of your harassment in real-time, then we protect and preserve it in the cloud for authorities and the courts.

Real-Time Protection

An abuser may use your phone to reach you at any time -- with the app you can record abusive conversations, images and other items in real-time and save it to our secure cloud storage.

When You're Ready

When you’re ready to stop the harassment, the app has all your collected evidence -- conversations, text messages, and screen shots.

Protected Evidence

Phones are dropped, damaged, or stolen every day – the app preserves your evidence in our secure, private cloud.

Private & Safe

Our cloud storage protects and keeps your collected information private. Except when court-mandated, we don't disclose it to ANYONE, EVER except who you choose to receive your information.

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